Thursday, 19 September 2013

food: quick easy healthy vegan chia breakfast

Chia Seeds by Stacy Spensley

I have finally found a healthy and quick family breakfast that we are all loving. I found the recipe at Inhabitots. It's such a great site for all kinds of cool eco friendly products etc for children.

I love that most of the dish can be prepared the night before.  Our mornings are always a rush so breakfasts that take time to prepare are out.

I have changed the recipe slightly as chia seeds are very expensive here, as is almond milk.  So I have cut down on the amount of chia seeds and use a rice/hazelnut/almond milk instead of almond milk. This is our adjusted recipe for feeding the three of us:

2 bananas
4 dessert spoons of chia seeds
3/4 cup rice/hazelnut/almond milk
3 dessert spoons almonds heaped
3 dessert spoons dried fruit ( I love sour cherries)

Night before: Mash bananas then mix together with chia seeds and milk.  Soak almonds in filtered water.  Leave overnight. 

Morning:  divvy up the chia/banana mix and top with drained chopped almonds and dried fruit.  


Saturday, 7 September 2013

learn: my classroom

The reading nook.
Welcome to our classroom.

A place to be busy or just 'be'.

The art corner.

We know what we are doing today.

accomodation: sydney australia, goldsbrough apartments

For stays of more than a few days, we have found that it can be more economical and 'liveable' to stay in hotel apartments.   We had a 3 night stay in Sydney staying at the Oaks Goldbrough Apartments in Darling Harbour.  We loved it!  Everything seemed to be close by or an easy commute.
The building from the light rail station.
Harbourside Shopping Centre just behind us.
We stayed in a two bedroom apartment that was fully self-contained including linen.  The rate at the time of our stay was around the same as an average hotel in a similar area. The apartment was on two levels. Not so good perhaps with a baby or toddler, but brilliant for children old enough to negotiate stairs.  There is a heated swimming pool and spa for year round use.  The building is joined to a covered walkway which takes you to the metro and light rail (3 mins walk max). Another few minutes of walking and you are at the Harbourside Shopping Complex (loads of restaurants) and Maritime Museum (great for kids).  Within (child) walking distance is parks, an Imax Cinema (with the worlds largest screen) and a ferry stop (every 15mins) that takes you under the Harbour Bridge, past Lunar Park, to the Opera House.
The kitchen was a decent size.
All you would need to cook for a family.
Comfy (according to our 7yo) single beds.
Loads of storage.
We appreciated being able to do laundry.
Who would have thought!
Spacious bathrooms (compared to hotels).
Not spottlesly clean and starting to age a bit,
but certainly very useable.
Two bathrooms upstairs and 1 downstairs.
The master bedroom.
Such a shame I waited until leaving to take photos!  
I think at least one of these was a sofa bed.  
Getting there:  We took a taxi from the airport as with a family of three it was only marginally more ($45AUD) than the train.   However, it is very straightforward to get a light train from central station and as mentioned only a few minutes to the apartments.

Extra costs: WiFi could be purchased as could movies.  Free to air tv plus some free Fox channels.  Breakfast obviously is not included.

online safety

                                                    Picture source:
My daughter (Lilli) and her friend decided to create a webpage, and it is almost as bad as it can get despite the talks we have had re online safety.  Among other concerns she has her email address on it and there is an 'Agony Aunt' page where followers are requested to share their secrets *sigh*.  I have sat them down to discuss my concerns and of course the instruction to remove their email addresses. Her friend listened politely and Lilli rolled her eyes and sighed.

Following my 'talk' in which I discussed identity safety, paedophile grooming (a soft version), copyright laws etc, I immediately looked for info on the web I could share with them to reinforce what had been discussed.  I was a bit disappointed.  Most info aimed at tweens was naff, and presented by adults.  What I need is some edgy videos by teenagers for tweens and teens explaining internet safety and the real reasons behind parents concerns (paedophilia/id theft/bullying).  I haven't found much online.  The best I have found so far comes from Planet Nutshell but they do not really address the peadophile issue strongly enough - I am sure my daughter would think she could manage someone who made her feel "uncomfortable".  I would love if anyone reading this blog could share great resources.