Saturday, 7 September 2013

online safety

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My daughter (Lilli) and her friend decided to create a webpage, and it is almost as bad as it can get despite the talks we have had re online safety.  Among other concerns she has her email address on it and there is an 'Agony Aunt' page where followers are requested to share their secrets *sigh*.  I have sat them down to discuss my concerns and of course the instruction to remove their email addresses. Her friend listened politely and Lilli rolled her eyes and sighed.

Following my 'talk' in which I discussed identity safety, paedophile grooming (a soft version), copyright laws etc, I immediately looked for info on the web I could share with them to reinforce what had been discussed.  I was a bit disappointed.  Most info aimed at tweens was naff, and presented by adults.  What I need is some edgy videos by teenagers for tweens and teens explaining internet safety and the real reasons behind parents concerns (paedophilia/id theft/bullying).  I haven't found much online.  The best I have found so far comes from Planet Nutshell but they do not really address the peadophile issue strongly enough - I am sure my daughter would think she could manage someone who made her feel "uncomfortable".  I would love if anyone reading this blog could share great resources. 

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